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Autumn Art Update

On seasonality and the excitement of a red dot

November 2022

Happy Autumn!

You may have noticed my newsletter was dormant over the summer. The truth is, so was my art making practice. It strikes me more each year that everything is a bit seasonal.

It was my second summer of having an apartment with a wonderful outdoor space. I have been bitten by the spend-time-in-the-garden bug, and also realized that reading books outdoors is one of my favorite things to do. As such, many weekends rolled on by without me spending any hours making art things. And that’s okay.

But now the weather has gotten cooler, and I’m getting back into the printmaking studio. Below is a new mini plate that I free-styled with a bit of sandpaper, a nail on a stick, and a sharpie. Came out rather well, so far— will want some aquatint I think.

This past weekend I also visited the International Print Dealers Fair at the Javits Center here in NYC. What a treat for the eyes! The fair features dealers in both antique and contemporary prints for sale. I saw prints by Rembrandt, Dürer, Picasso, and Matisse— and many wonderful and inspiring contemporary artists.It was a real eye-opener in terms of what types of imagery is possible with various printmaking techniques. In other news— last weekend I had the thrilling experience of visiting one of my own etchings at The Metropolitan Museum of Art! I was in a juried show put together by the Society of American Graphic Artists, a printmaking organization to which I belong. It was absolutely wild to walk into the Gallery at the Met Store and see one of my own works under the glass. Not only in the glass case, but sporting a red dot, indicating it had been sold! I had a chance to talk with the lovely buyer and fellow printmaker for awhile as well, so nice. I also have a piece in a show at the Salmugundi Club, which I'm visiting later this afternoon.

I'd had intentions to send out a missive with news of this show ahead of time, but I still get a bit squeamish at self-promotion. I know it’s mandatory for an artists— an opportunity for improvement presents itself in that area!

I’m looking forward to working on more etching plates this fall and winter, and generally spending more time making art, as the weather gets colder and the outdoors loses some of its allure :) I'll have more new art to share with you soon.

Thanks so much for reading, and until next time—


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