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Origins and observations

Drawing is the thread that runs through everything I make. Sometimes I love to draw and sometimes I despise it, but I can’t escape it— it's my primary tool and helps me make sense of the world. Some of these may look like paintings, but they felt like drawings at the time. They all have stories to tell.

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Inktober is a sort of annual online drawing event, created by Jake Parker. I have only completed 31 days twice, and I've never followed the prompts, but it’s a good little kick-start for anyone who likes to draw. Below are some of my selects.

Enter the Ohms

This is a body of work that I began in summer of 2020. I'm not sure why I named them Ohms, but in my mind they are storm chasers— looking for the source of lightning. An ohm is a unit that measures electrical resistance, so perhaps lightning is their ultimate high.


Other drawings I like

Below are some drawings that don’t cohere into a body of work, but they display some consistent threads of interest (not least of which may be weather).

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